Leadership is Personal

I think we all can look back on our work experience and find at least one manager that we worked for that was just that, a “manager”. This person can usually be described as someone that is on a power trip, or abusing their authority. They could also be tagged as not personable and only interested in themselves. They might call themselves a leader, but if you ask their colleagues, they would describe them as a “boss”. They would be a leader with no followers (see our last post for a deeper dive into this).

If you are not positively influencing your people, then you cannot call yourself a leader. In order to positively influence your people, you need to get personal with them. It is impossible to perform your mission as a leader from a distance. Your people must see your vulnerability. I know this word is avoided at all cost for most of us in leadership roles because we think it shows weakness, myself included. It does not show weakness, instead it shows that you are not larger than life, and you deal with the same issues as your team. Part of influencing your team requires you to nurture them and become their personal coach and cheerleader at the same time. It is impossible for your to lead if you do not care and love other people, if you are not willing to get personal with them. Yes, this requires you to be vulnerable, it will be uncomfortable. DEAL WITH IT! The success of those people will determine the ultimate success of your business.

“Without love, there can be no connection; no future; and no success together.”- Becoming A Person of Influence- John Maxwell & Jim Dornan




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