Lead to Impact Others

All of us can look back at some point in our lives and point to a person that impacted us and influenced a lot of the direction in our lives. We continually reflect back on the times spent with those people, especially during decision making points in our lives. I was fortunate enough to have a few people in my life that greatly impacted a lot of what I know and do today.

My dad taught me responsibility as a man and what that looked like from a practical example of how he lived his life. There two other men as well that played a huge role in my life. My granddad and another gentlemen I had the privilege of working with for many years. Both these men greatly impacted my professional life and taught me many things about business, work ethic, communication, negotiation and team members. They both responsible for the profession that I chose to pursue.

As was said in my previous post, leaders influence people. To influence others, you must impact them in some way. In this age of smartphones, where the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds, less than a goldfish, it is becoming increasingly harder to make that impact. I have used a couple things lately that may help you ensure those you lead are really latching on to the teaching and not being distracted.

First, Truly Care About Their Needs

Sincerity is easily detected by those around you. If you really care about those that you are leading, they will be able to see. Likewise, if you are not sincerely engaged in the needs of those around you, they will easily be able to detect this, no matter how much you try to hide it. To impact others, you must truly care about their needs.

Secondly, Remove All Distractions During Meetings

One on one meetings with your team are essential in any business, small or large. These meetings allow you to effectively connect with each team member individually. In John Maxwell’s book, Becoming a Person of Influence, there is an entire chapter dedicated to connecting with your people. In this chapter there is a quote from John Luther that illustrates this well. He says, “Natural talent, intelligence, a wonderful education…none of these guarantees success. Something else is needed: the sensitivity to understand what other people want and the willingness to give it to them.” When you conduct these meetings, turn off or completely silence your phone and don’t have any screens available to distract you during the meeting. Be present and fully engaged with your team when you are with them. This will go a long way to influencing them in a positive way.

Connection and sincerity are two key factors to helping you impact others with your leadership. Hopefully these things will help you achieve the maximum impact with those you lead.



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